Wednesday, March 18, 2009


You’re angry now, and you won’t talk to me
Your heart has shut me out, and you don’t want to see.
You might as well, be a world away
And there’s nothing I can do, nothing I can say
‘Cause you don’t love me,
No you don’t love me,

All these years I gave my life to you
Doing anything, it took to get us through.
But that’s over now, for you believed those lies,
I can hear it in your voice, and see it in your eyes
That you don’t love me,
No you don’t love me,

It breaks my heart in two
That this is so easy for you
And that there has come a day
When you would hear me say:

I love you boy, though you won’t talk to me
Though I have let you go, I have to believe
That someday you’ll come back to me
And know my words are true – I’ll always love you
Though you don’t love me,
No you don’t love me,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grievous Hope

Desert November

the brumal breath of November:
fragrant burst of piñon burning,
washed into the tide of evening breeze
from adobe chimneys
quiet in the coming night.

the horizon melts in gradient hues,
like heavens sooty ice, easing to flame and landfall.
darkness comes like a great exhalation
bespangling blackness in bright silver spray,
flickering, dancing to coyotes song;
voices cold,flying over desert floor
soon answered by canine cousins
slinking still into silence.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It's been
a long road
and these parts of me
don't work too well


I said
take them

I don't need them
what do I need a uterus for?

What's left behind
are stitches
and crooked paths

of healing flesh

and I find

that I feel strangely
less whole

some woman who used to be

and now

isn't really

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ode to Miso

Now I lay me down to dream
Of big, fat mice and bowls of cream,
and while I'm purring in my bed,
There's dreams of catnip in my head.

(It's not a great poem, I know, but he was so cute
in this photo I had to write him a verse.... lol!)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Magnetic Poem for the Poetry Dance Hall

Poetry Dance Hall is open again, and while it is more work in my already overwhelmed life, I am soglad to be there again. It motivates me to write, and I need to do this. It's good for me in more ways than I can express.

The assignment this week is Magnet Poetry. For information on how to play with the rest of the poetry dancers, drop by The Poetry Dance Hall. :)

Here is one of mine I did. I love this one. :)

I found my magnets Here :)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Nonet for JoeBear

Ode To JoeBear
(Joseph Blair)

Chow Hall food wasn't very good but
the company was very nice.
I was not mature enough
to appreciate
the friend you were.
I am glad
I can

Expected Death

Photo © Dawn Allynn

… And laying there, upon the ground,
with gaze fixed toward the waning day,
the acorn lay without a sound,
amidst the autumns disarray.

The green of life now all but gone
it’s edges yellowed, brown and dry,
the acorn sadly watched the oak
and waited for it’s time to die.

Wretched away from all it’d known,
from sap and leaf, from bark and limb,
the acorn fell upon the ground –
removed by Mother Nature’s whim.

“Oh grief, oh sadness!” The acorn cried,
“How awful is my deep despair!
How I crave to reach the sky,
To die down here seems so unfair.”

Bereft of hope, he missed his home.
His head he buried in the ground.
And letting go he waited for
Whatever’d come, without a sound.

Then, strange, a tugging in his soul.
He felt himself twist deep inside.
A change, a difference, a growing now …
An urge to do what he’d not tried.

Now skyward facing he took a breath,
And gave himself to what would be,
And felt his shell crack and give way,
The shoot inside now pushing free.

Toward Heaven stretching he heaved and worked,
Growing inches with his toil.
Finding strength with every breath,
growing inches with his toil.

As his limbs stretched to the stars
And mingled with both night and breeze,
He knew that it was letting go
That let him grow and be set free.

Throughout it all

Photo © Dawn Allynn

Throughout it all
You were there
Like a child’s glance
or a perfect, unblemished
You sang to me

of unicorns
and rainbows
and shades of
living purple.

When the sun beckoned
you away
I felt your warm kiss
And sweet caress.

On a rainy day
you returned
and like a butterfly
touched me gently with love.

Somewhere in my pockets
I still carry it all
Bunched and crumpled
Like a bouquet of treasured daisies
Is your memory.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Desire caught the little star
Who twinkled in the nighttime sky,
And she yearned to travel far,
And mourned that life should pass her by.

Though troubles few she wept and moaned
Throughout each dust and dawn,
And with her worries carefully sewn,
She sought to carry on.

Each triumph seemed like sallow paste,
Each conquest tasted dirt,
And with sins as yet unfaced,
She soaked in her own silent hurt.

Across a silver speckled night
She searched for each desired whim,
Seeking what was hers (by right)
Her mind now tottering on it's rim.

Finally in her last despair
She bowed in desperation
And launched herself into the air
Away from perch and station.

Flying through a darkening void,
A speck, with tail of fire.
Her worries were at last destroyed
-And then, so was desire.

~November 1982

Graphics © Dawn Allynn

Monday, November 28, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

The sun stopped shining
in June
I don’t know
What I expected of you
In your world of cars
and music
and highs –
But it wasn’t what I found
In either one of us.
The sun stopped shining
in June
And I lost the summer’s
and love.
I turned to you
Your strength and smiles
to keep me from loneliness.
Better I had stayed alone.
You put me away in your closet.
You left me there with
The door shut.
And I am afraid of the dark.
Now I go from you
Into the winter storm
Hoping to find light again.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Slip Away

Photo © Dawn Allynn

When I was young
I laughed and played
Beneath the summer sun.
I didn't know
How time could fly –
I only knew of fun.
Somehow time
Slipped out of hand
While I was out at play,
And when I looked,
The child was gone,
She'd slowly slipped away.

I watched it slip away,
Like a wind through the trees.
I watched it slip away
Like a sailboat on the sea.
There was nothing I could do,
And nothing I could say…
I just held it while I could and then,
I watched it slip away.

So much of life
Has gone that way
I've learned to live the moment
For if I wish
For all that’s gone
I'll only live in torment.
Life is so short
It won't come back
So like a child I play
I live for nowI love for now
Then I watch it slip away.

I watch it slip away,
Like a wind through the trees.
I watch it slip away
Like a sailboat on the sea.
Well there's nothing I can do,
And nothing I can say…
I just hold it while I can, and then,
I watch it slip away.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sad Sometimes

Photo © Dawn Allynn

Sad sometimes
Like the sound of rain.

I fear being alone

Not having friends to talk to…

Only invade my realities,
Only let me down.
Once in awhile I confide
in someone new

And usually find my secrets
Strewn about
Like leaves in the autumn wind.

Friends are much like
summer storms,
Arriving with little warning,
Departing once damage is done.

Simple smiles

Are often all I have left
To give the world.


Letting Go

Photo © Dawn Allynn

I guess I knew
deep down inside my soul
fear chilling
silent pain
and when they called and said
those quiet
(never to be taken back)
I could not even cry.

Grief and grieving


Detached reality

How do I let the belief
of your loss
be inside of me
when all I knew of you
must forever share the same place

live nowhere else?


Saturday, November 19, 2005

I Am Just

Photo © Dawn Allynn
I am just
as perfect
as the sun
may shine
on the shadowy
of gold
if you need me
just call
in a ring
a river
of inseparable beauty.
Dawn Allynn

Friday, November 18, 2005

Ode to my Sweet

When first I met my sweetheart
He always used to feed me,
But then I found too many pounds,
And now he doesn't need me.

Photo © Dawn Allynn

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Opposite Shifts

Photo © Dawn Allynn

A penny for your thoughts my dear
When you’re alone, at night in bed.
A penny for the dreams you have,
when dreams of you are in my head.

A smile for a smile returned,
If I reach out to hold your hand,
A kiss to follow every smile
If you reach out to hold my hand.

The moon for you and all your love,
If your love for me is forever true.
Sunshine for your rainy days,
If you’ll always let me love you too.

A child for you to grace your days,
A child to grace your life.
A life with me to have and hold,
For I’ll be all yours as your sweet wife.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

Search for that which can’t be found
And in it you will find,
Noises that don’t make a sound
And thoughts without a mind.
Look into a child’s heart
And in it you will see
Love and hope and innocence,
And endless misery.
When your storm has reached it’s peak
And pain is what you breathe,
Remember how you’ve let me down,
And don’t come look for me.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sound Bytes

Photo © Dawn Allynn

little slivers of mind screwing

she never seems to quit
to me
even though
I try to bury it in my

babe I swear I love you

he keeps telling me the way
he feels and
all I want to scream is that

sound bytes

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Autumn - Acrosticly

Photo © Dawn Allynn

A corns and fallen leaves
U biquitous like grains of sand
T ickle my senses, make me sing
U p to the sky goes my heart
M aybe to disappear with birds as they flee
N asty winters frosty sting

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

Into the solitude I went,
Dusky shadow, murky shade,
And viewed the change rock underwent,
Beneath the moonlit promenade.

Wandering paths of twists and turns
And shrubs of pungent, oily spice.
Feel my heart? It pulls, it yearns!
Into the solitude enticed.

So high it soars, this crag of stone,
A palisade non-ending sheer.
The rock beneath cracks not just bone,
There death not lags, but lay sincere.
Below sharp summits waters roll

And sing with voice like wind and breeze.
Dancing from depths as dark as coal,
And wearing dress of moonlit seas.
What splendid sights this isle holds,

How flawless is her loveliness.
Like a child, I am soft, cajoled,
In lithesome darkness’ sweet caress.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

when you walk
from everything
you ever breathed
and loved
and hoped for
do you ever
think of me?
when the lady you court
like death itself
pulls you into the streets
to give away
all you have
to sell
all you had
all you are
is there a moment when
you consider
how it will break my heart?
your addictions
siphon your soul away
and sometimes
I feel mine
is slipping
away too
sighing the dying wind
in your heart


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nusery Rhymes

Graphic © Dawn Allynn
I have a little ponytail
It bounces to and fro,
And I wear a pretty ribbon
Everywhere I go.
Sometimes the boys pull it
Because they're mean to me.
But when they do I turn and smile
And kick them in the knee.

Graphic © Dawn Allynn
I take a bath most every day
'cause Momma says I hafta
she scrubs my skin and dries me off,
and kiss me right after
It seems like such a waste of time
I guess Momma doesn't know
That as soon as I go back outside
It's mud from head to toe.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Daughter of the summer sun.
Who is creative, part of a wonderful family,
happy in the moment.
Lover of freedom, joy, new days.
Who fears deadlines, failure, loss.
Who needs to express myself,
to help others, hope.
Who gives advice freely, smiles constantly,
hugs to anyone who will have them.
Who would like security for my children,
closer friends for myself, more time to write.
Resident of dreams.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

Love is like a flowers scent,
It’s something you can't see.
It has no taste, no texture.
No tangent quality.
And like a perfumed fragrance,
There’s no one who can tell
What another may experience
When encountering a smell.
There is no way I could explain
The sweet scent of a rose
To anyone unfortunate
To not possess a nose.
And anyone who’s been in love
Will say there’s no suspicion,
That only one who is in love
Can know its definition.

Monday, June 27, 2005

If You Could See

Photo © Dawn Allynn
If you could see
Inside my heart
Like a crystal shining
True and fair,
You’d see yourself
And all my love,
And all the hope
That keeps you there.
If you could lay
Within my arms
For a moment
That would not end
You’d know that you’re
The sweetest thing
My dreams
My hopes
My love
My friend.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

In time the swallow took to wing,
With thoughts of sky and wind and spring,
And dreamed of lady bird, and tryst
(In mind his charms she can't resist)
But found instead, to his dismay
He broke his wing along the way.

Oh, sweet sad swallow he did cry,
He longed to stretch his wings and fly.
Then I came by, quite unexpected
And found dear bird, alone ... neglected.

Oh how I tried to make him well,
Praying daily not to fail.
(Knowing from the very start
That Miccolino had my heart.)

Yet death soon came, and from pain freed.
His parting I could not impede.
To fragile life he did not cling,
The swallow finally took to wing.

~September 26, 1992

Monday, June 06, 2005

Stay Steadfast

Photo © Dawn Allynn

Stay steadfast
Hold on and cling
To what is dear
Just do your thing.

Dwell not upon
A barren day
Nor let your thoughts
Another sway.

Each tranquil moment
Passes by
In fast array
And yet, don’t cry.

For though you’re Feeble,
weary, down
Always be
A painted clown.

For smiles and laughs
And cheers of thunder
Relinquish morbid
Thought’s asunder.

hoard each happy minute
And use the time
While you’re still in it.


Monday, May 23, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

Who is that person that I see?
That mirror image is not me!
It looks like me, it acts like me...
But something's not quite right.

Everything is turned around,
Why, I am up...and he is down!
On him my smile looks like a frown,
It's giving me a fright.

I try to move both left and right,
If he'd come here we'd have a fight!
He doesn't ever leave my sight,
But he ripples in the wind.

When I look he seems to stare
But guess that I don't care,
Because as long as he is there
I'll always have a friend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Irised Skies

Photo © Dawn Allynn
Irised skies fly overhead
They're deemed my consolation.
Shades of yellow, blue and red,
Retain my fascination.
Adorning tops of highest mountains,
Flamboyant and so carefree,
Replacing gray and rainy fountains,
God’s love for all to see.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Beneath Stars (Song)

Photo © Dawn Allynn

Where you find
Bonnie heather a growin’
On a braw hillside
Woncha lay wi’ me
In the tall green grass
And watch the stars tonight

Oh where the wind
'Cross the loch is blowin'
And the skies are open wide
I wanna lay wi' you
And hold yer hand
And watch the stars at night.

My heart is yours,
My love is yours
Forever they will be
You know I'll always love you,
'Till the stars fall to the sea.

So, though I’ll grow old
And my body weary
An' the sight might leave my eyes
I’ll lay with you
Until I die
Beneath the stars at night.

(Revised 2008 - Click the video below to hear the song)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Death Inside

Photo © Dawn Allynn

There is death
Inside of me
Seeking escape
From fear
No decay nor gravesite looms
My bones and
My heart
Sing for release
No more no more no more no more
Wishing for security
But knowing
There is none
There is death
Inside of me

Inward Waltz

Photo © Dawn Allynn

I am a dance with myself
Simple, complex
Flutter, quiver, shake
Movement rarely repetitious,
Nothing ever fake.
If I show it, will you know it?
Perhaps my meaning is
Not in itself an interpretation.

Here I remain indifferent.

My pageant
Is not meant for the multitude.

Absolutely – but only of lessons
Learned so late.

Growing is not always easy
But necessarily

The hardest lesson of all
Was learning to like myself in the dance.


Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sad Sometimes

Photo © Dawn Allynn

Sad sometimes
Like the sound of rain.
I fear being alone
Not having friends to talk to…
Only invade my realities,
Only let me down.

Once in awhile I confide in someone new
And usually find my secrets
Strewn aboutLike leaves in the autumn wind.

Friends are much like summer storms,
Arriving with little warning,
Departing once damage is done.
Simple smiles
Are often all I have left
To give the world.


Monday, April 11, 2005


In time
all friendships slip away
into the haze, into the gray
for reasons I don't understand
all friends soon slip
right through my hands
Perhaps because I don't take care
to keep close watch
when they are there
I've never had the chance to ask
why friends all slip right through my grasp.
Photo © Dawn Allynn

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

Once in rainbows born and bred,
Pretty colors bright and true.
Streaks of fantasy unfold
to cheer the grey, dark, dreary hue.

Raindrops glisten, wash away
dirt from days as yet passed by,
and cares forgotten slip untold --
like birds on silent wings they fly.

These are the hours I spend with you,
exchanging tears for smiles of gold.
With each moment joy is shared
watching friendship sweet unfold.

How glad I am of God's great love,
And glad that I can really be
a part of something real and true...
The friendship that is you and me.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Photo © Dawn Allynn

By the light of early morn'
It's evident the world is changing,
And Mother Nature's rearranging
The world beneath my feet.

Where once cold earth and snow did lay
Now tender shoots of grass burst free,
and looking towards the sky I see
A sun that showers down it's heat.

Every bird that sings it's song
Reminds me of God's world anew,
Each flower yellow, red, and blue,
In beauty blooms so bright and then

When this season should pass by
Spring has lived and now is done
I'll enjoy just what may come
'Till seasons change again.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Let Sleeping Dragons Lay

© Dawn Allynn

Let sleeping dragons lay,
And slumber in their caves and lairs
While dreaming of the sweet night airs
Where once they stretched their mighty wings.

Let sleeping dragons lay,
The bard his story left to tell --
And safe shall be hamlet and vale,
And daughters of great kings.

Let sleeping dragons lay,
No more will knights draw staff or sword
To find the treasure dragons horde
Of precious stones and gold.

Let sleeping dragons lay,
Stretched out in length with tooth and tail
In rugged mountain burnished scale
In splendor to behold.

Let sleeping dragons lay,
Where once they roamed the ancient world,
With breath of flame and wongs unfurled,
The emperors of earth and sky

Let sleeping dragons lay,
And if their lairs you find today --
Do what you will, do what you may,
But, please.... Let sleeping dragons lay!